Scaling Up Tools

It’s only natural to face challenges when building a business. Those challenges are accentuated the faster a company grows. Like any good builder, the best leaders have a toolbox with a set of key tools with which to work.

Below is a set of tools to help you make the better decisions to scale up your business. With them, you’ll be better able to:

  • Focus on getting the right people doing the right things with clear accountabilities and metrics,
  • Articulate your strategy so you and your people are aligned and on the same page, and
  • Improving your execution habits, reducing the time it takes you to manage the business and giving you back time to invest in what matters most.

Check them out:

Execution – Rockefeller Habits Checklist™.docx

Start / Stop / Keep –  Send this tool out to the executive team prior to the annual planning session.

One-Page Personal Plan (OPPP)

Ballard Consulting has worked for decades with law firms, accounting firms and other types of professional services firms. In doing so, we have developed a unique set of tools unique to that industry.  These tools include:

Personal Marketing Worksheet

Industry Planning Worksheet

Key Account Worksheet